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All Bible study should begin and end with the actual Bible. Study guides and other resources are only supplemental and do not have the authority of the Bible.

I grew up with the King James Version (KJV) and still refer to it regularly for it's beautiful words of wisdom. The family Bible we received from our priest on the day of our marriage, is a Revised Standard Version (RSV). It is still a center of our marriage records and a family stronghold. Curiously, it has had a trial by fire twice!. The first time was in an old VW bug in the mid seventies. In the model we had, the battery was under the back seat. My wife had just taken our young son to daycare. When she returned to the car, she observed smoke coming out of the passenger compartment. The battery had somehow shorted itself and caught the rear seat on fire. Our family Bible was on the back seat and was damaged. After a trip to a book bindery for a replacement cover it was as good as new. In 1990, we sustained a house fire that was almost a total loss. Again, our family Bible was damaged but another trip to the bindery returned it to useful condition. We still use it today after 50 years together.

I began using the Quest Study Bible, which is based on the New International Version (NIV), for Bible Study at a small church we were then attending. It is now a well used Bible and still one of my favorites. After reading some controversy regarding some of the NIV translation methods, I began searching for a replacement. After study and research, I decided to use the English Standard Version (ESV) for scripture reading and study. The edition I purchased is Crossway's study version. It is a large version printed in a large font that makes it easier for me to read.

Along with my King James Version, I have practically every modern Bible translation readily available. It is very nice to be able to refer to each to help with additional clarification and comparison.

According to Biblical scholars, the English Standard Version is one of the most literal of the word for word translations. For now, it is my primary study Bible.

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